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Se Ve Se Escucha (Seen and Heard) is a new podcast by the Center for Participatory Change about language justice and what it means to be an interpreter, an organizer and bilingual in the US South. Language justice is about interpretation and translation, but it's also about building meaningful relationships to organize and transform our communities. The Center for Participatory Change has brought you workshops, training videos, webinars, and a teaching curriculum, and is now excited to bring you a brand new podcast about language justice in its many different forms: as cultural organizing, self-determination, racial justice and honoring languages in all the ways they are spoken. Join Ada and special guests from the US and global South, as they discuss what it means to be seen and heard.   


Our Team


Ada Volkmer

Ada Volkmer is a native of Matamoros who is proud to call North Carolina home. Growing up on the Rio Grande/Río Bravo inspires and informs her language justice work. Ada has 15 years’ experience interpreting and coordinating interpretation in community-based settings and trains interpreters at the Center for Participatory Change. Ada’s preferred language is Spanglish. She loves fried chicken, cumbia and summer. 


Leonel Gutierrez

I'm originally from Hidalgo, Mexico and I've lived in the United States for more than 20 years. I'm from a big family - I have two sisters and two brothers and I am also a husband and parent. I'm passionate about helping others and supporting my community. I love all kinds of music and food, especially Mexican food. I'm very curious and enjoy learning new things. Currently, I work on a community project called Radio Emma.


Manuel de la Luz

My name is Manuel, and I was born in Papantla, Veracruz, Mexico. From then until I was 20 years old, I lived in Mexico City. I arrived in Hendersonville, North Carolina, 11 years ago. I'm a self-taught videographer, and I currently run Mente Visual Films and it's sister project SomosDemente. I spend more time listening to music than dancing and would rather buy concert tickets than new clothes. For the last 8 years, I've studied video and photography via Youtube tutorials. I'm the struggling dad of my bendición, my puppy Octli. 


Andrea golden

Andrea Golden is the co-host of Season 1 of Se Ve Se Escucha. She is a language justice worker and a worker-owner at Cenzontle Language Justice Coop. Andrea has her kids’ backs as they speak up for their right to speak Spanish on the schoolbus. Dear to her heart is the language justice work that she does with her partner and three children with the Ra rojo ra hñahñu/Sprouting Hñahñu Project.


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